Products and Services

Eartham Sawmill Products and Services

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Building Lumber

We supply timber for trusses, stud work, joists, barge boards, fascia, soffet, architrave, door linings and skirting.

Weatherboard & Traditional Waney edge board

Cladding for Barns, houses, field shelters and garages.


We have made a number of Porches in the past, made to customers specifications.

Doors and Frames

We construct all types of doors, arch top, stable, ledge and brace, court yard gates. We also have blacksmithing services for hinges. Fittings and bespoke iron work.


we make gates to order, both soft or hard wood, made individually by a craftsman to a high standard.

Boat Building and Restoration

We build, supply and restore boats. Over the past 40 years we have restored traditionally built yachts and fishing boats.

Handmade Wooden Furniture

Examples show some of the furniture made by Eartham Sawmill including tables, chairs and benches.

Tree felling and Clearance

We offer land clearing works where trees, bushes and vegetation have become overgrown. Clearing your site of unruly vegetation is carried out in woodland, private or commercial properties, to prepare it for future use.

At Eartham sawmill you will receive a personal service (which will include advice and design where necessary) to meet your personal requirements.